Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Favorite Holiday!

Yes, a day just about me!--my Birthday! My sweet hubby and my friend Celeste put together a little birthday get together on Friday night, then we drove to the LA area on Saturday and my Aunt Carrie and Bill had a wonderful dinner and gorgeous fruit tart waiting for me. Carrie also invited John,Marsky and Jordy to spend the evening with us. We had a fabulous time together--I'm so lucky to have such great family and friends. On Sunday, Carrie and Bill took Avery to the dog park, along with their dogs Ollie and Spencer-Avery had such a great time! Johnny and I spent a few hours at Disneyland together and sure enjoyed having some time to ourselves. We all had dinner together at a yummy Mexican restaurant that evening. On Monday, my actual birthday, the three of us went to Disneyland and met our friends Mike, Noelle and Mikey there. Mikey brought Avery a necklace he had made for her and after he gave it to her and watched Avery's smiling face, he told his Mom that it was melting his heart! He is such a cute little boy!

What a fun birthday! I love my birthday, no matter how old I get! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy day and sent/brought cards and gifts--my friends and family are the best!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thanks Mr. King

Johnny had a 3 day weekend thanks to Mr. Martin Luther King Jr.-love that guy! We headed to Yosemite and had a magnificent time!! It was gorgeous--and COLD! We hiked in the snow a bit, saw some awesome waterfalls and stayed the night at the historical Wawona Hotel. The three of us had such a perfect time together. Avery fell asleep in the backpack on our big hike, so that made for a peaceful climb for Johnny and I. Johnny also took some time and tried out his new tree climber/stand that he got for Christmas.

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Our friend Brandon turned 36 on Dec.20th, and we finally celebrated on Jan. 2! (Brandon and I realized that we are only 36 days apart in age also, funny!) Celeste, Brandon's wife, thought it was really funny when we realized that, because she had always said that him and I are long lost twins...we think alike a lot of the time...and her and Johnny are more on the same way of's the whole "opposites attract" thing...we are with our opposites...and it works! Anyway, they are good friends and we enjoy their company.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's Eve Party at the Nobles!!

We had a fun New Year's Eve Party with our friends/neighbors. We even had a turkey dinner before the party! We played games,ate and just enjoyed each other's company--while in our comfy pj's!!--yes, we had a pj party--I for one, hate to be dressed up, especially at midnight!! Anyway, Avery loved it so much, she wants to have a pajama party for her birthday--how cute is that?!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So, like I said in an earlier post, we had to put off the actual "Christmas morning" because of flight, Friday night the 26th, Santa came to Grandma and Grandpa's and we celebrated Christmas on Saturday the 27th. Avery finally got her new baby doll she had been waiting for! We had a nice family get-together with Mom, Dad, Michelle, Benson, Brooklyn, Jeremy, Ryan, Laura, Caitlin, Carla, Carrie and Bill. My Mom made Johnny a fall color quilt that he had been asking for, and each of the kids got a new "camping" quilt(that Laura helped with also), and Christmas pillowcases. We were so happy to spend Christmas in Utah. Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful time!!

Johnny flew home on Sunday the 28th and Avery and I flew home on Tuesday the 30th. It was fun to stay a couple extra days and hang with my CRAZY sisters!! LOVE YOU GIRLIES!! We also went to Temple Square the night before Avery and I went home, and it wasn't too cold!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


We feel so lucky to have our little Avery and so blessed to have her birthfamily in our lives. They have become extended family to us and we absolutely love them. We like to think that we have had the BEST ADOPTION STORY EVER!! I have confirmation from Elsha and her family that they feel the same way--how lucky is that?! I was recently talking to Elsha'a Mom, who was not very pro-adoption when we all started on this journey, and she now tells me that Elsha could not have picked a better family for Avery.

Because of the Portland Airport being closed for a few days,my sister Michelle and her family were not able to make it to my Mom and Dad's for Christmas morning, so we put it off a couple days so they could be there. Instead, we spent some time with Avery's birthfamily in that morning. Avery loves spending time with Gage and Madison--and they adore her!

Santa came!!

Santa came to our home a day early, cause we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas. Mr. Claus ate all the cookies we left--but those darn reindeer didn't finish all the carrots--Avery was a little disappointed about that. As soon as she saw the pink "girl" scooter that Santa left, she forgot about the carrots. Santa brought me a beautiful new set of pots and pans and Johnny a new tree climber for hunting. We must have been really good this year! We had a nice "Christmas morning", and then hopped in the car and headed to the airport...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

We attended our ward Christmas party and had a yummy ham dinner. There was a nice singing/story telling program also. We have a group of Tongan's in our ward and they have some amazing voices-it is such a treat to hear them sing-no piano-just their voices. Avery has been loving singing time in Primary (although she is still in Nursery, the older 1/2 of the nursery kids have been attending singing time), so she was able to sing in the Christmas program and we loved watching her. Santa also came and gave the kids some treats--Avery ran right up and sat in his lap again--I love it!!

Oakland Temple Visit

We went and saw the Christmas lights at the Oakland Temple a couple weeks ago. It was pretty cold so we didn't stay outside very long. Avery had the most fun going up and down the elevator (alligator,as she calls it) at the visitors center.

Dang I'm a good wife!! hehehe :)

I spent all day, the Friday before Christmas, baking goodies for Johnny's office. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls,fudge,secret kiss cookies...and more. The guys really enjoyed it and Avery and I had a fun visit with Daddy.