Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We celebrated Avery's birthday again while Aunt Michelle and kids were in town--what a treat!

Avery's 6th Birthday!!

I can't believe it's been 6 years! Wow! We celebrated in style with many of Avery's friends--including boys! (she HAD to have boys at her party this year) She also HAD to have a Scooby Doo, I complied. We even played Scooby Doo games...wrapping the kids up in t.p. to look like mummy's! She had a great day! Just before school, she got a package in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Nobles, that was a fun surprise too! I got to go the school and do a "spotlight" all about Avery (which we made the poster--pictured--for, for her class. That was really fun for me! Her treat that she passed out to the kids in her class was strawberries--her current favorite food. (her fave is always a fruit, it just changes from grapes to strawberries to kiwi to...) Love my little fruit lovin girl! Happy Birthday Avery! We love you!


Easter weekend 2011

We had a fun-filled and busy Easter weekend. It started on Friday night, we had our friends over for a kid-friendly, real meaning of Easter lesson, and then decorating sugared Easter eggs that my friend made. The next morning we went to a huge Easter egg hunt put on by Farmington City--there were 15000 eggs! wow! Next, the best part of Easter weekend- Uncle Zach came for a visit! It was really fun to see him and hang out! The kids woke up and had a fun Easter morning- and later we had a yummy dinner with the fam.

poor ave

My little Avery fell of her scooter, landed on her arm/elbow and broke her ulna bone. She only had to wear a cast for 2 weeks and is healing just fine. (yes, of course, she picked the rainbow cast...)

Easter Egg Hunt

We got invited to participate in a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt, the weekend before Easter. The kids had fun, although, Wyatt had no interest in finding eggs, after the first one--he just wanted to carry that one around. We had a pot-luck breakfast after. What a great start to a weekend!


Johnny and I got treated to an "all expenses paid" getaway for a weekend in downtown Denver. It was a thank you from Pepsi for all Johnny's hard work on the Gatorade launch. I am so proud of him, he did a great job, and it was LOTS of long hours and extra work. So, we enjoyed a weekend in Denver, with a few other Pepsi peeps! The first night they took us to a fantastic bowling alley (I know what you're thinking...bowling alley?!) It was a totally upscale place, even had a dress code! So, ya, it wasn't your average bowling alley. They fed us all, chicken, veggies, chocolate chip cookies... We played a few games of "funky bowling" (bowl w/ your left hand, bowl lying down, bowl backwards...) It made it much more fun, and yes, I bowl the best lying down! Crazy... The next night we went to a Hockey game at the Pepsi Center and enjoyed more fabulous food in the Pepsi Suite. We had a decent amount of down time and got to walk around Denver, it was a really nice town--very clean and not overly crowded. The best part was just getting away with my hubby!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

heaven help me...

On, in, on top name it, he's doing it...thank goodness for a hard head and that knock out smile :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Johnny!

Yep, I'm still a month behind here...but I'm slowly catching up... Johnny's birthday was the 2nd of April~ Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and the fabulous father to our children. We went and enjoyed a yummy lunch at Tucano's at the Gateway and then had birthday cake (homemade pecan pie--Johnny's fave) that evening :)