Monday, August 30, 2010

Cait meets Wyatt

My sis Cait had a 3 hour layover in Salt Lake, so on our way to Tahoe, we stopped at the airport, picked up Cait and Jared and headed to a park at 7am to enjoy some time with them. It was so good to see them--we miss them tons!! Love you Cait and Jared!!

Mrs. Cavanaughs Candy Tour

rain delay...

Jennifer and I took the kids slightly rained out shortly after we got to the pool... so, we hung out all afternoon at Jen's home! Fun times :)

Camping in Flaming Gorge

We were invited on a fun camping trip with my Uncle, Aunt, cousin and friends. The weather was a little crazy, but we enjoyed it anyway! Johnny got to fish the Green River with his friend Matt. (ask Johnny about his experience...) My friend Jen and I made the yummiest s'mores ever..., the kids had a great time riding in the 4 wheelers and swimming, way too much yummy food was shared by all, and thanks to our friends Cher and Robert, Wyatt and I had a cozy place to sleep! My Aunt and Uncle were also nice enough to let us all gather in there motor home to have dinner--cause we were all getting blown away outside! Thanks to Kari, Arley, Don and Lynne for planning and inviting us!

that's my happy boy :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Backyard Camping

My little Daddy's girl and Daddy had their own little campout in the back yard. Pretty special :) They roasted marshmallows, read stories and had fun using the flashlight! I was only allowed to be the photographer and then was banished to the house for the night........

Kindergarten Enrichment Class

Avery is thrilled to be attending a class at her new school. In fact the teacher, Mrs. Connors, will be her Kindergarten teacher. For the next 3 weeks, an hour a day, 4 days a week, she is getting a little boost before she starts school! She is thoroughly enjoying herself and can't wait for Kindergarten to start.