Monday, September 28, 2009

Tea Party :)

Avery had quite the social calendar last week! She was invited to a birthday party on Monday at Kangaroo Zoo--and had so much fun there with her new friends, then, Wednesday, she was invited to a "tea" party with another group of friends! The picture shown is Avery on her way out the door to her tea her "fancy clothes" and with her favorite baby dolls.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

aVeRy'S fIrSt DaY oF pRe-ScHoOl

Our big girl is off to pre-school 2 days a week and loving it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pepsi Play Day @ Snowbird

We spent Saturday up at Snowbird Resort and had a wonderful time! Pepsi put on a great event--with lots of great food and fun. They had face-painting, games and jump houses for the kids, plus we got all-day passes for the alpine slide, climbing wall, zip line, tram...and so on. We had too much fun and got to hang out with our friends Clay, Angie and Peyton. Avery and Peyton were so cute together. ...and, Pepsi had a free raffle...and we won a BEAUTIFUL~expensive~winter ski jacket for me!!

playdate :)

We got to have Keeton over for a playdate last week--him and Avery play so nicely together, it's great! Keeton just got a new baby sister and needed some time to run around and be loud!! So glad you came and played Keeton!

"Get to know Avery" party!!

We invited all the 4 year old girls in the neighborhood to come and get to know Avery! We had a little party last Friday...and what fun it was with 8 little girls running crazy in and out of the house! They played dress-up, ate snacks, played outside and had a fabulous time. Avery just couldn't wait for her "party" to start...the morning of the party, when I said to her, "your party is today!", she went over to Sissy and said, "you hear that old girl, my party is today! it's not for dogs or boys, only for little girls..." oh she makes me laugh! It was so nice that all of the girls that we invited showed up--this neighborhood has been great so far--we are lovin it!

been canning...

i've been busy canning peaches and salsa the past week...and more to do this week!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Enjoying our new home...

Avery has been saying, almost on a daily basis, "Mom, I like this house, good thing we bought it, right?!" I think she is really enjoying having her toys back and having her own room to play in again. She especially loves the swing that Daddy put together for her in the front yard. ...and beware--she hits up anyone that comes over to push her on the swing--for's pretty much all we do these days! (there's Grandpa in the background pushing her earlier in the week)

my big helper

Lately Avery wants to help with EVERYTHING around the house. She sets the table, helps with the laundry, helps make her bed and so on. She has always loved to help me cook and bake, so when I said I was making salsa, she ran upstairs and got her "gear"! She came back down all dressed and ready for action--chef's hat and all :) I thought it was too cute not to share.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fUn ViSiT wItH eLsHa,GaGe,MaDdIe AnD mArGaReT

We had Elsha, Gage, Maddie and Grandma Margaret over for dinner tonight. It is always good to see them. Avery just adores Gage and Madison and looks forward to visits with them.

new friends :)

Avery has made a cute new friend that lives right next door. They have been playing everyday together and having a great time.

Sissy Ice-Cream

Yep, that's what Avery has named her doggy. We adopted a black lab/mix from the Davis County Animal Shelter about 2 weeks ago. So far, she has been a pretty good dog--she is house-trained and rarely barks... Avery is just in love with her and wants to show her off to everyone.

Davis County Fair

What a fun, virtually free, event. We paid $1 to park and got to enjoy the free petting zoo, free pony rides and Avery even got to milk a cow! She thought that was pretty cool.