Friday, July 31, 2009

Lagoon with cousins :)

We were able to spend the day with cousins!! Avery was so excited to go to Lagoon with Dylan and Sydnee (and baby Cohen--looooooooooove him) today. Steven, Brooke and family are in town for Dylan's baptism tomorrow--and we all went to Lagoon today--along with Brooke's friends Amy and her kids. The kids had a great time together--we did all kid rides today... We all had pizza for dinner at Grandpa and Grandma's and celebrated Dylan's birthday--Happy 8th Birthday Dylan, you are such a sweet boy :) We love you!!

2nd (and more final) good-bye :(

We headed back to Cali to pack up our house,clean it, prepare it for our friends that will be renting it from us...and get ready to move into our home in Farmington, UT. What a looooooooooooooong week...I won't even get into it...but we made it! We were able to see friends and family and that made our week much better. Thanks to all who fed us, lended us beds, allowed us to take hot showers, helped with Avery...and everything else. We love you!! We are really gonna miss our network of friends in Diablo Grande and hope we will stay in touch. We had a bbq with some friends that Johnny worked with on Saturday night, then, on Sunday went to San Jose and had dinner with Zach, Kelly, Tyler and my sister Cait and her boyfriend Jared that were in town for the weekend. (Avery was so cute and wanted to set the table all by herself for dinner, and then waited for everyone to sit down--while her plate of food was sitting in front of her--so she could say the blessing)

Tuesday the packers showed up and started...with me following right behind them cleaning...Wednesday they loaded up...more cleaning...Wednesday night we had a great evening with our neighbors and had a hard time saying good-bye...

We are back in Utah, ready to start a new part of our journey...

Advertising for Pepsi??!!...avery lovin her "mist"


Whenever Avery has a chance to "make a wish", she wishes for a campout--is that sweet or what? So, we were invited to go camping with my Uncle Don, Aunt Lynn, cousin Kari,her husband Arley, and their little boy Keeton. Avery and Keeton just adore eachother and had way too much fun fishing, riding the 4 wheeler and swinging in the hammock. We really enjoyed our weekend with them--along with Aunt Carla and some of Uncle Don's neighbors. Thanks for the invite guys--we love you!

gage and maddie visit

We just love spending time with Avery's birth-siblings Gage and Madison. They are 6 1/2 now (twins) and are just so sweet. We had a sleepover, then went swimming the next day. The three of them had a blast together.

girl trip!!

My mom, sis laura, avery and i took a little trip to so. cal. a couple weeks ago. we stopped in las vegas and stayed a night there with my dad (he is working there right now) and then spent 3 1/2 days in Anaheim. We spent quite a bit of time at the pool where Avery showed off her swimming skills (we just finished 4 weeks of swim lessons) She is doing great! What a fun time with just the girls!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Independence Day

We had a great time celebrating Independence Day. On the 3rd, we went to a concert in the park that was fabulous!! We hung out with friends and family enjoying the music. The city of Centerville then put on a spectacular fireworks show after the concert. On the 4th, we went to the annual parade in Centerville, then bbq'd later in the day and ended the night with some firecrackers with the neighbors.