Saturday, February 25, 2012

getting some energy out!

Avery had a couple days off of school, thanks to President's Day, so a friend and I took the kids to "Get Air", an indoor trampoline park. What a great way to get some energy out on a cold winter day. They had tons of fun!

lovin' us some family time

We were able to go to a fun Grizzlies Ice Hockey game last week, and even better, were able to take some friends with us! The kids especially had a blast chasing the mascot half way around the stadium to get a picture. ...and hiding in the cupboards of the suite we were in! I love being able to do fun stuff like this with the kids~ what great memories!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Dads and Donuts"

Johnny and Avery got to have a special morning in her class, where her teacher hosted "Dads and donuts" cute is that?! They had donuts (which Avery doesn't like, so she brought fishies!), played games, and the kids sang songs for the Dads. It was a sweet time for the both of them. (Of course Wyatt had to get in on the picture before they left in the morn ~too cute!) Next is "Moms and muffins"~ love it!

Happy 2nd Birthday little man!

Wow, I can't believe our little man is 2!! We had so much fun in the weeks before his birthday, preparing him for his big day~ we would say, "it's almost your Happy Birthday!" and he would stop whatever he was doing, to clap! We had a fun little get-together with my family and our neighbors.

Wyatt is such a fun little boy...keeps me on my toes...such a busy boy!! He can always make us laugh, has an incredible memory, has amazing balance on his little feet, loves to hide things (remotes, batteries, toys, socks...), loves to stack things, loves to help me in the kitchen, with laundry and making beds. He has a smile that lights up the day, can't get enough of it. He makes friends wherever we go, for example, the lady that works in the bakery at Target, knows him by name and is so excited to see his bright face when we come in. (Wyatt always flashes her his killer smile). Wyatt loves his big sis, he's such a little to watch those two play. We love our little man!

finally, a little bit of SNOW!

The kids were thrilled to play in the snow--finally! We haven't had much snow this season...bummer! ...I love the way Wyatt is looking at Avery in the 2nd, "what now sis?!" :)