Friday, June 11, 2010

busy, busy...

Yes, I am behind on blogging...we have been busy!! Let's see...walking trips to the library for storytime, story/craft time at Three Little Monkeys, swimming, playing at the park, Cirque De Soleil at the E Center, movies in the park at night, putting a garden in, building the chicken pen/house...and I'm sure there is more that I can't even think of right now...and, for the most part, I have forgotten to take pictures of these events...oops! I'm gonna try and be better!

Yesterday, I did remember the camera. We went to the park after Three Little Monkeys--with some friends, and played all afternoon. little man took a sweet.

Then, last night we went and saw "Beethoven", movie in the park. Wyatt was so good--sat on my lap the whole time--just chillin. Then fell asleep towards the end. Gonna be a great summer!!

Our new little pets

We decided to get some chickens...all the neighborhood kids (including Avery) are just in love with them. Johnny, with the help of our friend Mark, is building a chicken pen and house. The final touches are going on paint! :) We are excited for fresh eggs...which should be arriving in a few months! ...pic of the chicken house to come soon!


School is out! Our neighborhood celebrated the end of the school year with a little ice-cream party at the park.

the bus

Avery's pre-school class took a field-trip to downtown Salt Lake and they got to take the bus--this was so exciting for her! She loves anything that moves...train, bus, tram, rollercoaster...great fun :) It was a pretty nice day in the city--lots of beautiful flowers blooming. My Mom and Laura took Wyatt and I was able to go on the trip with Avery. We went to our favorite frozen yogurt shop after too :)