Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's official! (part 4 of Wyatt's adoption story)

On Wednesday, July 28 2010, we, as a family, stood in front of the judge, in court, as he told us that Wyatt Benjamin David Nobles is officially ours!

Some of you may not know how this actually works, so I'm going to explain it a little... Wyatt's birthmother signed relinquishment-waiving all parental rights, on January 25, 2010, that was the day we got to take him home, and we have had physical custody of him since then. He was actually in legal custody of the state governed agency, and that agency (our adoption agency) saw us fit to care for him in hopes of taking full legal custody in 6 months. Birthfathers have slightly different rights than Birthmothers, they actually don't even have to sign anything in order to lose their rights. In the state of Utah, if there is a possibility they have gotten a girl pregnant, it is his job to register with the state. If he does not, the birthmother can sign relinquishment on her own.

By law, our agency has to come and do periodic visits at our home, make sure we are bonding with Wyatt and that we are a happy, healthy family. At the end of the 6 months, we get to finalize the adoption and take full legal custody. We now have all rights and responsibilities of a natural parent.

Another note about finalization day, it is not a day of relief, at least not for us. It is a day of happiness, knowing that officially, we have a son and Avery has a brother. However, we had no worries that it wasn't going to happen. There was no "luck" is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of a lot of hard work, prayer, faith and hope. Heavenly Father sent Wyatt to our family. We knew Wyatt was our son, we knew the day was meant to be that he would be ours officially. We knew we had done everything correctly, as had our agency and that Wyatt was supposed to be part of our family.

We love this little man so could you not?! He is such a joy! He is happy 99% of the time, always has a smile for everyone...except for the camera sometimes..., loves that his sister dances and sings for him, loves to hear Daddy walk through the door in the evening, always gives me a great big smile when I get him out of bed in the morning, loves the water, loves to be outside, laughs at the chickens in the backyard, rolls all over the place, loves his little glow worm toy, loves to play in his saucer toy, loves to get his diaper and clothes changed...he thinks it's a game, and he is the most observant, alert baby I've ever known. He loves getting attention and will ham it up for anyone--kicking his legs and flailing his arms.

Oh how I adore my little Wyatt, I am so glad I prepared for him and was ready when he arrived. With only a few hours notice on the day we brought him home, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I had waited a long time for him, anticipating the day my baby boy would arrive. I knew it was coming...and it did, in a perfect little package :)

And, finally, a note about Wyatt's bithmother. Finalization day also does not mean all ties are broken with his birthfamily. We certainly don't want that. We want Wyatt to know where he came from and how much he is loved by not only us, but his birthfamily. We are building a relationship with his birthmother in hopes that he will know and understand her decision and know of her love for him. Placing Wyatt for adoption was not easy for her, as I can only imagine. We will always be aware of the great sacrifice she made that allowed Wyatt to be part of our family.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mrs. Fields Factory Tour 7/26/10

I set up a tour for a big group of Moms and kids to tour the Mrs. Fields Factory in Salt Lake. It was a hit! ...of course it was, free cookies were had by all :) ...we are off to another great week of summer fun!

Pioneer Day Celebration...FIREWORKS!! 7/23/10

Our friends invited us over to watch fireworks in celebration of Pioneer Day. The kids had so much fun collecting and hoarding all the fireworks for Ryan to light...and I think Ryan had just as much fun lighting them. :) Thanks Sarah and Ryan for a fun time!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Our sprinkler broke...and apparently we is too cheap to buy a new one--YOU GOT A PROBLEM WIT DAT?? the way, donations are being accepted to the: NNSG Fund (Nobles not so ghetto)...if you feel the need :)

Boondocks! 7/22/10

Wow, we have had a fun week! As you can see from the next few posts, we have been all over the place this week! Gallivan Center on Monday, Kennecot on Wednesday, Boondocks on Thursday...ans swimming on Friday! ...we just can't slow down when there is so much to do!! This summer has been awesome--not looking forward to the end of it...

My Mom, Laura, Brooklyn, Jeremy, Ryan, Avery, Wyatt and I went to Boondocks and played all afternoon. The kids loved the bumper boats, race cars and arcades. Thanks to Aunt Carla for the free tickets--you rock Aunt Carla!!

Kennecot Copper Mine 7/21/10

Wow, it's a pretty amazing big hole in the earth! We went with friends and cousins to check it out. It was really windy up there--which Wyatt loves--so he especially enjoyed being outside.

Radio Disney Water Day! 7/20/10

We attended a free event for kids, put on by Radio Disney at the Gallivan Center this week. It was such a blast--so much fun stuff to do. The kids all got water guns--free--and were squirting them at everyone :) It was pretty hot, so I think all the adults appreciated all the kids with water guns... There was a water slide, dancing, free ice-cream bars, games...and much more. We went with cousins, Grandma, Laura, Sarah and her kids, and Stephanie and her kids--what a great day!

say cheese!!

...not sure if you can see them in this picture, but little man has 2 TEETH!!

just hangin'

We have been having so much fun with Brooklyn, Jeremy and Ryan in town.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tomato time :)

after a week in Park City, we came home to........A CHERRY TOMATO :)

Park City with the Fam

We spent a week in BEAUTIFUL Park City--where the weather was PERFECT!! It was only about 85ish of a high...unlike Salt Lake was for the week, a high of 97ish... Lucky!! We had such a blast...minus the fact that poor Wyatt was teething--yes,he has a tooth! We had non-stop fun: the kids did activities at the play room everyday ( we were staying at the Marriott's Mountainside Resort ), Great Grandpa came up for a visit, Aunt Carla came up for a visit, we had snow-cones...Wyatt LOVED 'em, rode the alpine slide, had a water-balloon toss, played life-size checkers/chess, went to the Farmer's Market, my sis's and I relaxed in the hot tubs at night, and we all played at the pool WAY too much!! My friend Sarah came up one day with her kids and shared in the fun also--it was great to have them up there...I'm going through withdrawals from her little fam since our Disney trip :)