Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wyatt's 1 year pictures

Check out my sister's photo blog @ for the amazing pictures she took of Wyatt for his first birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday little man!!

First birthday's are so much fun! --and I think Wyatt will agree--he LOVED his chocolate cake! We had a great time with family and friends celebrating Wyatt's 1st birthday. I can't believe it's been a year since we got the call that a baby boy was born and we had been chosen to be his parents. THAT was one of the best day's ever. And now, watching how he has grown and changed over the past year, is another reason to celebrate. He is a charmer, a thinker, a curious kid. His smile lights up EVERYONE'S day---every time we are out, Wyatt gets a compliment, or two...or three... :) He's such a busy little boy and loves to be around people. He loves his sister and giggles each morning when he sees her. He loves when Daddy walks in the door each night after work, and can't wait for his wrestling match with him and Avery. Yes, he loves them both tons, but I have to say, I think he is a Momma's boy! If not in my arms, he is at my legs most of the time~ he's my little sidekick. He loves to be outside--and even thinks the dirt tastes good... He LOVES to eat--especially chicken, peaches, bananas, veggie puffs, cheese and CHOCOLATE. He also adores Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Laura--and has fun ransacking their house!
We love this little guy and are so happy he is in our family. LOVE YOU WYATT!!