Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home :)

Avery and Matteo

Yes, we stayed home (well, atleast close to home) this weekend--that's 2 weekends in a row! Actually, Johnny spent the day fishing on Saturday, while Avery and I helped our friends unpack at their new house. We will miss our sweet friends/next door neighbors!! Avery and Matteo are best little buds, it is allready lonely without them close by. It's always hard to watch good friends move away...but that's life :) Anyway, they are only an hour away...could be worse.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter was nice and relaxing here!! We needed it... We found eggs full of candy in the morning, then colored hard boiled eggs and had breakfast on the patio--it was a beautiful sunny day! We went to church at 1pm and came home and bbq'd with some neighbors. Nothing major--it was great! p.s.--i love the pic of avery pouting...don't remember what she was upset about, but i just love the pic!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

You're not gonna believe this...

So, we arrived back at the San Jose airport Monday afternoon, drove home, and within and hour, our visitors/friends from Utah (Clint, Lisa, Austin and Caitlin) showed up at our door to spend the week with us...seriously, I finally unpacked today...4 days after getting home... We were thrilled to have them with visit us and had a great week with them. We went to Santa Cruz--to the Boardwalk and The Mystery Spot, and then yesterday headed to Yosemite for the day. Also, the boys (Clint and Johnny) gave the girls (Lisa and I) a foot soak (in the cooler!) and foot/leg rubs!! Yes, we are lucky girls! We miss them and were so glad to spend the week with them!! They left this morning...we are all alone...no major plans for a few weeks...I think :)

New Orleans

Talk about on the go...we left San Jose Friday afternoon on a plane to New Orleans for the weekend! We were able to visit with Johnny's family for his and his twin brother's 40th birthday!!-- and have a pre-birthday party for Avery!

Visiting with friends...

We have been so busy...three days after we got back from San Diego, Avery and I went and spent some time with friends I hadn't seen in years!! We went to San Jose for the night and hung out, ate, laughed and caught up on the last 10 years!! It was so nice to see my sweet friend Chris and her family. We had a blast with their family--Dan, Chris, Andrea, Brittney, Shelly, Danny, Austin and Jenna...and Duke and Daisy the doggies!! I use to babysit Andrea, Brittney and Shelly...now they are all grown up and are beautiful young ladies!! Avery had such a blast--Chris had put together an adorable Easter basket for her and Dan took her on a walk with the puppies, and bought her a popsicle--which she shared with the dogs :) We can't wait to see them again--it's not gonna be 10 years this time!!

We also stopped by and saw the Sowards--(friends from high school and SJ 15th ward)Marilyn was home (that is the 1st picture--she is my friends mom) so we stayed and visited for a while. Avery was in heaven--playing with the toys, eating cheetos...she thought we were at a "new Grandma's" :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

San Diego!

At the end of our week in Newport, Johnny was able to come join us again!! We stayed together Friday night in Newport and then headed to San Diego for the rest of the weekend. It was also beautiful--the weather was so nice! We really enjoyed Old Town San Diego and stopped in "Little Italy" for some gelato also (Avery took the pic of the gelato). The pool was nice and warm, so we relaxed there and by the fire-pit ...such a nice weekend!

Not your average mall...

Whenever we got to Newport Beach, we have to go to Fashion Island Shopping Center--it is so beautiful! It is an open-air mall with lots more than shopping to do. Avery loves to ride the carousel and play in the water fountains and at the Koi pond. It is just a great place to hang out!


Of course we had some down time while in Newport Beach, and we enjoyed the pool!! Avery was so cute and brought her princess babies to the pool and sat and played with them for a while, then she made friends and played in the water with them. I got to work on my tan :) Oh how I love the SUN!!