Monday, June 8, 2009

How Could I Forget???

I'm losing it...I totally forgot to post a FUN FUN weekend!! (back from a few weeks ago) Before going all the way home from Palm Springs, we stopped in Anaheim again. We met our friends Mike, Noelle and Mikey for Mikey's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese...and then headed to the DISNEYLAND HOTEL for the night!! What a wonderful time!! We have never stayed there before and I must say, it is THE WAY to do Disneyland!! We arrived late afternoon, put our stuff in our room, then headed down to the "Pirate" themed pool area. We stayed there a while and then walked around and found some dinner at a cute little outdoor place on the hotel property. When we went back up to our room, our sheets had been turned down and 3 chocolates (in the Mickey head shape) were left on our bed. Then, from the balcony of our room, we watched the Disneyland fireworks--what a great view from the 12th floor!! The next morning it was pretty amazing to look out the window at 6:30am and see NOT A SINGLE PERSON in downtown Disney...quite a difference from the night before. Staying at the hotel gave us early entrance into Disneyland, so Avery I were in the park at 7am! We did more in 2 hours than we usually do all day--it was great! Then we met up with Johnny and had breakfast at La Brea bakery in downtown Disney...yummmmmm. Then we had to rush out and drop Johnny at the airport to fly to Salt Lake--his first day of work at Pepsi was the next day. So, Avery and I stayed the night with Carrie and Bill in Pasadena and then drove "home" (not really anymore) to Patterson. I know, I know...just typing all this makes me tired!! We have had a crazy busy few weeks!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saying Good-Bye...

Just a few days after we got home from Palm Springs, we were packin for Utah... Everything is still in the house, we just packed up our clothes, and headed East. The movers will be gettin everything as soon as we find a home! Until then, we are staying with my parents. But, before we left, we had to say good-bye to all our wonderful friends and neighbors. They had a going away party for us--we are gonna miss them sooooooooo much!! Avery and I also got to spend 2 days in San Jose with Uncle Zach and Aunt Kelly and seeing our friends the Davis Family. We love you all!!