Monday, September 24, 2007

Oliver,Spencer and Avery

While we were in So.Cal. this past weekend, we stayed with Carrie and Bill, and of course Oliver and Spencer. Avery was a bit overwhelmed with the dogs at times, but she really did enjoy and love them. She is definately an animal lover-especially dogs. We had a great time with Carrie,Bill and the boys! Bill and Carrie made a yummy lasagne on friday night when we arrived;John and Marsky joined us for great evening. We also went up to John and Marsky's house on the way out of town on Sunday and had a wonderful brunch there. We had such a nice weekend.

Baca boy's house, aka Disneyland!!

Ok, so most of you know that Avery calls Mickey Mouse, "baca". So, this weekend we went to baca's house again. Avery kept saying, "baca boy's house mommy" Dang she's cute. Anyway, Disneyland was all decked out for autumn. It was beautiful. Avery was a little shy at first with Mickey Mouse, but warmed right up and had so much fun giving hugs and kisses to all of her favorite characters. It rained a little the day we were there, but it was still a perfect day. The crowds were low, so that was nice. We did wait in line to see the new "Finding Nemo Submarine" ride, but that was all we really waited for. We can't wait to go back again :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Brother or sister needed, please

We have decided we want to add to our family!! This picture is from a year ago, but that is still like Avery today. She needs someone to play with!! Well, of course she has Mommy and Daddy and her friends and cousins, but it would be wonderful for her to have a sibling. The first words out of her mouth in the morning are: mom, play kids?...ok, she also asks for yogurt and if Daddy is at "yerk". But, she just loves to be around other kids. We knew we would want to have more children, and now feels like the right time. We love Avery soooooooooooooo much!! Every day it gets more fun with her. We would love to have a new baby to love also. Please pass the word around...we want to adopt again. Adopting Avery was the best thing that ever happened to us. If you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows a girl that might be considering placing a baby for adoption, please let her know about our family.