Friday, October 23, 2009


avery and her friends have been having so much fun playing in the leaves that johnny keeps raking up!

my little school girl :)

isn't she sooooooooooo cute??!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Caitlin and Jared get married!!

October 9, day! We had a wonderful time celebrating with Cait and Jared. They make such a beautiful couple--we are so happy they found each other and are overjoyed to welcome Jared into our CRAZY family!!

pre-wedding fun!

All the girls went to get pedicures the day before Cait's wedding day--so much fun--we've never done that all together before. We had such a good time spending the day together.


Cousins, cousins, we love cousins!! Avery was thrilled to have have her cousins in town for Aunt Cait's wedding...

visitors from the bayou...

Johnny's parent's were able to come for a visit for a few days and see our new home. We took them to Eden(our favorite little town), Antelope Island(to see some buffalo) and went for a visit to my Grandpa's house in Morgan to pick apples from his tree. It was a nice visit--and Avery especially enjoyed her time with Grandma--as she sat by Avery for hours while Avery colored page after page...gotta love Grandma's--they seem to have more patience than Mom's!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We had been telling Avery (and Gage and Madison) that we would take them, before the weather got TOO bad, we finally took a weekend trip to the Uintas. Well, let's just say...the weather did get TOO rained and rained... Gage still got to fish with Johnny and the girls had a blast playing in the tent. It was a really cold, wet weekend, but we survived--with some yummy food and huddling close together in the tent! :)

Park City

Johnny and I were able to take a weekend by ourselves and go to Park City. We had a blast!! The weather was gorgeous and we just fully enjoyed every minute. We walked Main st., had a great meal there and then shopped at the Outlets. Sunday morning we went to a little street fair/Farmer's Market on Main St. and then layed by the pool for a while--it was wonderful!!

Bridal Shower

Jared's family gave Caitlin a bridal shower a couple weeks ago. I can't believe my baby sister is married (I've kinda slacked on blogging...she is MARRIED now!!) The shower was lots of fun and it was great to meet more of Jared's family.