Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gettin' our $$$$$$ worth :)

We bought annual passes to Disneyland in January...and as you can see from all the pictures, we have been using them! Of course, no trip to So. Cal. would be complete without seeing Mickey Mouse. We were able to go with Bill and Carrie this time. It was lots of fun. Christmas is such a fun time to go-not only did we get to see Mickey, but Santa and Mrs. Claus too. The Christmas fireworks show Disney puts on is amazing...gotta see it.

Party time!!

We headed down to So.Cal. again this month, this time for a Holiday party at Bill and Carrie's home. Avery was so excited all week-for the "party" ...and the dogs! Oliver, Spencer and Avery had a great time together. Avery also made a new friend-Aunt Marsky. They too, had fun together. When Avery couldn't see her during the party, she would say to me, "where's my friend?" She ended up falling asleep in Marsky's arms towards the end of the night. Bill and Carrie had the house decorated so beautifully, and put on a great party. Thanks guys!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thanksgiving in Utah

We were able to go to Utah for Thanksgiving. It was great to see family and friends that we miss so much. It was a quick trip, but worth it. Thanks to Anna, I was able to shop all night long!! We left at 10:30pm Thanksgiving night and didn't get home until 7:30am the next morning. It was great to spend time with her--miss ya and love ya Anna! Our friends, Ed and Annie and their kids were able to come up to my parents house and spend an evening with us too. Can't wait to see everyone again. Here is a picture of Avery with Logan(Ed and Annie's baby boy).


My sweet little girl sure has some weird ways...here she is, drinking up the juice from the chopped up tomatoes I gave her as a snack. Yes, tomatoes are still her favorite food!