Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Palm Springs!!!

We took a wonderful vacation to Palm Springs! Johnny, Avery and I spent the first few days just playin by the pool, relaxing, and we rode up 8000 ft. on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway--pretty neat to go from 100 degree weather to 70 degrees in about 15 minutes. We planned this vacation long before we planned on moving back to Utah, so it was a little crazy, because it happened to be Johnny's last week of work in Cali. So, he had to leave Palm Springs on Tuesday...and on his way out he dropped Avery and I off at Disneyland to meet up with my parents and Caitlin, who had just flown in. We spent the day at Mickey Mouses house and then all drove back to Palm Springs. Also, Steven, Brooke, their kids and Laura were at the resort waiting for us by the time we got back. What a fun week!! Avery got to play with cousins--one of her favorite things to do and we got to meet baby Cohen--oh so kissable! We had a fabulous time together, can't wait for our next trip.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I AM gonna miss:

...the best group of friends/neighbors we could ask for...

What I'm NOT gonna miss...

...this filthy freaking water, which we pay dearly for, compliments of Western Hills Water District(...may they please go bankrupt...)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Deep Sea Fishing

Johnny and a couple of his buddies were able to go Deep Sea Fishing a couple weeks ago--this was a first for him, and he had a blast! They left from the Dana Point Marina in Orange County, CA...and had a great day. He only took a few pics, but here they are...lovely one of Nathan puking off the side of the boat...gotta love it!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Avery!!!

Our little girl is 4!! We can't believe how the time has flown by, 4 years, it just can't be true!! She is such a wonderful blessing to us, we can't imagine life without our Avery girl. Her sweet smile, adorable laugh, sarcastic little attitude :), we love it all!! I especially love when she gets up in the morning, comes down stairs and says, "Good morning Mama", that's the best. She is getting so grown up, Johnny keeps asking her to just stay his little girl forever, she responds with, "Dad (in her sarcastic voice), I can't, I have to get big like a giant! Love this little girl!!
Her birthday was quite the event...lasting for days...it started Friday night the 24th--we had a party with our neighbors, then Sunday, we had a mini party with her friend Matteo and his family, then Monday, her actual birthday, we headed to Disneyland (where she get to meet up with her friend Mikey for a little while also) ,then had another little party with Carrie, Bill, John, Jordy and Marsky in Pasadena that night. She is quite the loved little princess!

Springtime in Cali

We have been loving the gorgeous spring weather! Avery wanted to show off the flowers in the backyard--so here you go! I may just yank these suckers right out of the ground and take them with me...

Monday, May 4, 2009

the haps...

we have been soooooooooooooooooo busy, i know, nothing unusual for us, huh?! but this is real...WE ARE MOVING!!!...out of Cali...boohoo...and back to Utah...not quite sure if i'm ready for it, but it's happenin'...Johnny was called by Pepsi to fly out to Salt Lake and interview for a Territory Sales Management Job...and got an offer, and we have decided it's the best move for us right now. I am very proud of Johnny for all his hard work--and for this new position he has! He is really excited about working for Pepsi again. so...here i am, in Utah, looking for a place to live...again...it feels like i just did this...only now, the same houses are WAY more expensive...whacha gonna do...??? leaving california is gonna be tough, i've made such good friends, we have wonderful neighbors and I JUST LOVE CALIFORNIA!!! there are a few fun reasons to be back in utah though, and i've allready signed Avery up for a pre-school in Davis County--she is so excited to be in her friend Trey's class.

anyway...that should explain the lack of blogging...

p.s.--this is for my friend Kate, who lives in Utah, but is not a "Utah" girl: oh, here we go...we will be swappin' some serious stories about the "beauties" of livin' in Utah...(as I write this, believe it or not, i have no make-up on, i'm in pj bottoms, a big ole t-shirt...SOun-Utahan of me, i know...i just couldn't find my stelletos today!