Wednesday, July 27, 2011

this is what you get when you give your kid your camera:

Our 2nd annual Radio Disney Water Day!

Too much fun was had last year, so this year, my friend Sarah and I added a bonus of taking the Front Runner train to downtown. The kiddos LOVED it! Radio Disney puts on this awesome free event every summer, and yep, we will be there next year too! Water guns, water slides, snacks, tattoos, stickers, music, balloons, petting zoo...complete FUN!

SpLaSh TiMe!

We are enjoying the new splash pad/park in North Salt Lake. This particular day we went with some friends. you can see, the girls loved standing in the showers, meant for rinsing off, but they spent most of their time there!

Farmington Festival Days and Parade

The week following 4th of July, Farmington has a bunch of festivities. We enjoyed the parade and fair on a hot Saturday afternoon :)

Farmington Kids Bike Parade

Utah seems to love it's "kids bike parades" do we! So, here we are at another one--this time in our little town of Farmington. Avery, as usual, is joined by her friends Katelyn and Audrey.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fun summer days :)

cousins, friends, snacks, movies, slip-n-slide... we are lovin' summer :)

...chasin' grandpa

On Monday, the actual 4th of July, as if we hadn't been to enough parades and such, we decided to head up to Morgan to see my Grandpa ride in the parade as a Veteran. So, we went up, we even got there early, according to the time that Grandpa said it started, only to find, we were late! It apparently had started earlier than he we literally chased that dang parade all through town (good thing it's a small place) and ended right back where we the parade made a complete circle...yep, it's one story I can tell my grandkids :) In the end, we saw Grandpa getting off the float and took a picture with him-- so cute for 91 years old huh?!

Centerville 4th of July parade

Yep, it has become tradition to go to the Centerville Parade with fam over the weekend of the 4th. Always fun and lots of candy :)

Centerville 4th of July Festivities

We always enjoy the fun events that Centerville has for Independence Day. We started the weekend of the 4th with the kids bike parade. The parade ended at the park where we had a picnic dinner, a band played, the kids ran around and finally ended the night with fireworks. It is so fun every year to meet up with friends and family at this event.

Boondocks w/ cousins

Steven, Brooke and kids came into town over 4th of July and we had tons of fun hanging out with them! We got to go to Boondocks with them, Grandpa, Grandma and Laura. We had so much fun go-karting, playing mini-golf, bumper boats and arcades. All the kids enjoyed playing in the "little kid" zone too :)