Monday, September 27, 2010

happening's of the little mister...

Little Mister is now 8 months old! I can't believe how much he has grown--he is in the 80th percentile in height! He can sit up, crawl, climb the stairs, and yes, he loves to show that cheesy grin :) too cute!! He also loves big people food...he's not a fan of baby food...he wants real cereal, bread, peaches, bananas, watermelon, etc. He is a little charmer and gets noticed EVERYWHERE we go...I'm not kidding, I will sometimes have 2-3 strangers around me in a store, talking/smiling at him! ...and of course he is hamming it up, smiling right back :) We love this little guy!! He makes us smile everyday!


Avery begged to play soccer this season, so here we are! ...guess who even coached one of the games?! yep, me! It was actually kinda fun. She has been enjoying it, especially playing at the park after the games :)

Daddy/Daughter Camping Trip

Avery got to go on a camp out with just Daddy--she was soooo excited! Yep, just Dad and Ave in Farmington Canyon for the night, and they had a great time. Now, she wants us all to go so she can show me where her and Daddy stayed. They hiked and did some fishing and roasted hot-dogs for dinner :)

better late than never...

pictures from Avery's first day of school! Johnny came home and we went as a family to drop her off :)

Friday, September 3, 2010


Wow!! How time flies...our baby girl started Kindergarten! She seems to love it--has already made some new friends--including another girl in her class named Avery. She came home from school today with a bracelet that said, "best friends", from Avery D. How cute is that?! She also told me that she made new friends on the playground...I was assuming other 5 year olds...oh no...miss Avery is hangin' with the 6th graders! WHAT?! Yep, 2 girls from church that adore her, and she adores them, saw her at recess and played with her. (Avery was very excited about it) She has become our little social butterfly and makes new friends everywhere she goes.

p.s.--my sis Michelle took this picture of Avery, see more at When I get the rest of the pictures, I will post them!

Nor. Cal.

At the end of our Tahoe trip, Johnny drove home for the start of archery season, and the kids and I stayed and visited friends in Nor. Cal. My friend Jordana came up to Tahoe for a night and then we headed to Nor. Cal. area the next day. We met up with my friend Celeste, and she took the kids and I up to Diablo Grande--where we used to live. We stayed with Celeste and her family for a few days there--and mostly hung out by the pool :) We also got together with our old gang--so much fun see them again!! Our last day there I met up with my friend Gail and spent the day/night with her and her family in San Ramon. Gail used to live next door to us when we lived in Diablo...they moved to San Ramon just before we moved to Utah. It was a nice relaxing time hanging out at her house for the day...she even made a yummy cake and let the kids dump sprinkles all over it :) I'm so grateful for such great friends that helped us and let us stay in their homes. Besides the fact that Wyatt ended up with a major ear infection, the trip was a success!

Lake Tahoe Trip!

We took a trip to Tahoe--just the 4 of us! It was so beautiful, as always--and we had perfect weather. We took a day cruise on a sailboat, hiked to a small lake, relaxed by the pool, played at the beach and relaxed by the fire pits each night--along w/ having ice-cream almost every night! It was a fantastic end of summer vaca!!