Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memorial Day in Park City

We spent a fun (but cold!) Memorial Day weekend in Park City with friends and family. The Marriott Mountainside Resort is such a great place --especially for kids! The kids swam, played life size checkers, and did crafts in the kids hangout room. We bbq'd (in the snow) and had a game night complete with WAY too many treats! It was really fun to spend time with our friends and family away from everyday life :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

date night :)

Johnny and I took a quick hike in the Farmington hills up to a rushing waterfall. Wow, it sure felt good to get out and enjoy a warm evening w/ my hubby :)

finally some SUN!

A few weeks ago we had a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon that the kids (Avery, her friend, and Wyatt) enjoyed playing with the "slip and slide" in the back yard. Wyatt even had his first popsicle :)

What's next?!

Avery broke her arm just 2 months ago...and now, HIVES!! What's up?! This is the girl that NEVER GETS SICK!! Random, crazy hives, lasted 3 days, and then were completely gone. Poor Ave was miserable for the first 2 days though :(

non-stop hammin' it up!


We love having cousins on town! We were so happy to see Michelle, Brooklyn, Jeremy and Ryan for a few days. Can't wait for our beach house trip this summer!!