Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disneyland w/ the fam

Try going with a group of 18 to! It's tough to all stay togehter--but we attempted, a few times. The weather was PERFECT, and we never really waited in any lines--take it from me, trial and error, FALL IS THE TIME TO GO TO DISNEYLAND!! What can I say, we love it :)

Fun with cousins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avery loves spending time with her cousins and had a full week of fun with them in Newport Beach. We played at the pool, fed the Koi fish,went to Disneyland,went to Legoland, and just hung out and had a fabulous time.


We spent a week in So. Cal. and got to trick-or-treat in Newport Beach...can you say "fullsize and kingsize candybars"??!! ...not to mention Willy Wonka himself handing out full size WONKA bars! Avery's bag actually broke because it got overloaded :) Dylan, Sydnee and Avery loaded up--it was so much fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween in So.Cal.

Well little miss Cinderella got to see the "real" Cinderella on Halloween day at Disneyland. That was pretty special for her. We went to Disneyland just for a few hours and then headed back to Newport Beach to trick-or-treat!

Ready for Halloween!

Avery and her buddy Trey are all dressed up for their Halloween party at pre-school...too cute not to share :)


My fun neighborhood had a smore's and cider night a couple weeks ago--it was great to get to know some more people. One of our biggest things when buying this house, was finding the right neighborhood, and so far, we certainly feel like we have. We've met quite a few people, been brought over cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries, invited over for homemade pizza, invited over for dutch oven desserts...and Avery is loving having a bestest new friend right next door :)

Pre-School Field Trip

Salt Lake has a great Children's Discovery Museum and I was able to go with Avery and her class there a couple weeks ago. We could have stayed all day! Avery especially liked "harvesting" the vegetables, and playing with the water. It was so fun to watch her and her friends play.

Monday, November 9, 2009


So we got way good seats to the Jazz game a couple weeks ago--the ones that include dinner with the "VIP"'s and comfy seats not hard bleachers. Ok, that wasn't the hilarious part...a couple weeks go by and my sister Cait tells me that her friend Katrina thought she saw us at the game, took some WAY zoomed in picture of us from across the court and posted it on her blog! I was crackin up :) So, here is the pic, thanks Katrina, cause we didn't get one of the 2 of us! ...oh, and yes, I'm digging into my tub of popcorn in the pic...thanks for that too!!

pUnKiN pAtCh

Avery just loved the hay maze--she screamed bloody murder and laughed as Johnny chased her through it.