Monday, August 27, 2007

Beach bums

For the second weekend in a row we headed to Santa Cruz and enjoyed the cooler weather. Why haven't we done this more?? It's been great. Avery makes friends and plays in the sand...although, she has been a major daddy's girl since we got back from Utah, so she makes Johnny go with her everywhere. She'll see kids to play with, but Johnny has to go play with them too! It's cute. The other day, she asked where Daddy was, I told her that he was at work, she then says, "me work too!" Anyway, back to the beach story, the only thing bad about it is the cold showers they have to rinse off in afterwards. Avery hates it! But, as you can see from the pictures, she was filthy, so we had to do it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Growing up so fast...

Our little girl is now in a toddler sad to take the crib down. The bed is so stinkin' cute though, it made it easier. She likes to set her babies up in/on her new bed. She is taking to the bed fairly well...we are still adjusting. She is just such a climber that we were getting worried she was going to hurt herself in her crib. So, here she is, growing up, way too fast.

Say hey, again

We were able to go to another SF Giants game last night. We went with a guy that Johnny works with-Steve, who also brought his son Dustin (13). Dustin was so sweet with Avery, and Avery took to him right away. He played peek-a-boo with her in the car on the way there, colored with her as we were waiting to have dinner and entertained her the whole night. It was a great break for me!! Avery ended up falling asleep in his arms around the 8th inning. Before she fell asleep, she said, several times, just as we had practiced,"Go Giants!" came out, "go science", but it was still so cute. We sat close to the third base line, so here is a picture of Barry Bonds warming up.

too cute!!

Ok, just some snapshots that I had to share cause they are too cute to keep to myself!! Could she be any cuter?? She was in a funny mood...ok, I had given her some chocolate chips to munch on...I'm starting her young to be a dark chocolate fan. Looks like it makes her happy too!

more Grandpas!

The kids with Grandpa and Great Grandpa Jeppson. Avery loves her grandpas and grandmas. When she sees anyone who looks like they could be a grandpa or grandma, she says, "more grandpas" I think it's so sweet.

just kickin' it...

Wow, having an Aunt Carla is great!! Carla invited the kids to go to a soccer clinic that her company, Pepsi, was putting on along with the ReAl Salt Lake Soccer team. Avery went with her cousins Brooklyn and Jeremy and had such a good time. Two players and an assistant coach were there showing the kids a few things about soccer. They also each got a ReAl soccer ball. Avery was actually kicking the ball around! She was trying hard to do what the big kids were doing.

Water babies

My friend Anna and I took the kids-Avery and Trey to Raging Waters while I was in Utah. Thanks to Aunt Carla for the free passes!! Our friend Caitlyn and my niece Brooklyn came with us also. We had so much fun!! Raging Waters has a great big area for little kids.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Playin' with the "kids"

Avery had such a fun time in Utah playing with her friends and cousins. Here are a few pictures of her with Brooklyn, Jeremy, Trey, Madison and Gage.

Is this normal??

Avery is sitting on Grandma's counter in this picture, eating a huge tomato like it's an apple. Oh, and this isn't the first time. We may have to take her to tomato eater's anonymous. She will spit out anything in her mouth-french fries, cookies-if she see's a tomato. She doesn't care who you are, she will pick a tomato right off your plate and eat it, no questions asked., keep you tomatoes hidden!!

Mueller Park-Utah

We decided to liven up our Saturday evening and go have a little bbq at Mueller Park in Bountiful. We took the kids, hot dogs, and s'more making goodies. We had such a fun time. The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed the evening all together.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

When the Giants come to town, it's bye bye baby...

Oh yeah, Barry Bonds hit #756 tonight to pass Hank Aaron as the homerun leader. We watched...did you??? Ok, just go to to watch the clip, it's awesome. Go Giants, Go Barry!!