Monday, March 22, 2010

Wyatt's first photo shoot :)

Thank you to my friend Kari for taking these sweet pics of my 2 little ones. Wyatt was exactly 2 weeks old when the pictures were taken.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Party!

My cousin Kari had a fun party for the kids on St. Patrick's Day. Avery's favorite part was hunting for the pot of gold...chocolate gold! Thanks for including us Kari!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'Little Bud' update

Avery has nick-named Wyatt...Little Bud...and it's so cute--we are all calling him that :) She is such a good big-sis.

Happy Birthday to my sis!

My sister Laura celebrated a birthday last week and we celebrated with her at one of her favorite Mexican Restaurants. did not get to keep the sombrero--bummer!

South Davis Recreation Center

We joined the Rec. Center in Bountiful and have been loving it! Avery and I especially love the pool--even in the winter! The Rec. Center was celebrating their 3 yr. anniversary last week and had a party! We had free lunch there and then swam for a couple hours.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday C !!

We were able to meet with Wyatt's birthmom last week. We decided to meet at the agency on Thursday evening. I made fettuccine alfredo--her fave--and brought it for dinner. She also turned 17 last week, so I made a cookie cake for her and we brought balloons and some gifts.

It was so good to see her and have her see and hold Wyatt and know that he is happy and healthy. We also had the pleasure of meeting her Dad that night. We spent a couple of hours talking and getting to know each other more. We were happy to be able to learn more about her and her family. Apparently Wyatt looks a lot like her when she was a baby--she is going to send me some pictures--I can't wait to see them!

The day at the hospital was so rushed, and happened all in a matter of hours, we didn't have a chance to spend time all together. I was glad she was up to meeting with us. I know it was emotional for her, but I hope that it helped her be even more at peace with her decision.

We are so grateful for her and her decision. We are truly blessed to have baby Wyatt and love him immensely.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


avery was out swinging in the front yard this week...looks like spring to me!

Baby Shower

My friend Anna gave me a wonderful baby shower! It was so fun to show off my new baby boy. It was a great turn out and Wyatt got lots of nice gifts. Thanks also to my sis Laura, my Mom and my friend Sherrie for helping with the shower. --and thank you to everyone who came!! (the shower was a couple weeks ago...but I can't seem to get the pictures pulled up, so this is all ya get!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

re-cycled crayons :)

Avery and I took her broken crayons and made then into new ones! First we peeled what paper was left on them, then put 1 inch or smaller pieces into mini-muffin tins. Then we cooked 'em at 265 degrees for about 10 minutes. Then once they cooled, popped them out and had new, round chunky rainbow crayons (great for little hands). It was a fun little project :)

new toy!

Wyatt and Avery both just LOVE their new toy.